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Welcome to SV Target!

Shooting Sports Club Target has about 100 enthusiastic members. We practice sports shooting in a relaxed but serious way. No 'trigger happy' machos. We are interested in sport shooting. And practice practice regularly in the various shooting sports disciplines.

Our club uses the shooting range at Julianaplein number 1 in Amsterdam on Monday and Friday evening. The track is open from 7 pm to 11 pm.

Krooncertificaat 2017SV Target was founded in 1982. Since then we have grown into an association with active members, where both match shooters and recreational shooters are in place. We are the only association in Amsterdam that has been certified by the KNSA with a crown, in addition to the mandatory basic certification. We are proud to belong to the select group of award-winning associations.

The club is run entirely by volunteers: the board, the instructors, the bar staff, and the club managers behind the counter. They are all members who do their part effortlessly to make SV Target a nice club where new members quickly feel at home. The internal competition and regular competition evenings contribute to this, as do the other club activities that we organise from time to time.

Our Accommodation

We have a heated 25-meter range with five shooting points and an automatic target transport. It is possible to shoot with a small caliber rifle and with the most handgun calibres. We have a collection of guns available for our membersBaan

There is a bar where you can meet other clubmembers and have a drink.

Sport Shooting

"Huuh, do you shoot?" Shooting as a sport is somewhat underexposed in the Netherlands. You hear little about it and it is often considered strange or scary. And that while more than 40,000 very normal people practice the shooting sport with great enthusiasm.

But what is so great about shooting? Just like with any other sport, it is very personal. What is so great about football or volleyball?

Shooting is all about a combination of concentration, precision and tranquility. Hitting the bull's eye on the shooting card is harder than you might think. And also (or rather) for shooting: what you see on TV and in films has little relationship with reality.

Something for You?

Do you want to know if shooting is something for you? Send an email to visit@svtarget.nl and make an appointment for a tour of our club with an explanation of the shooting sport.

If you are interested in becoming a member after the tour, we will make an appointment to take an introductory lesson with an instructor.

The introductory lesson is only possible by appointment after the tour and with a maximum of two people at the same time. It costs € 20 per person including ammunition, cards and guidance by one of our instructors. Take a valid proof of identity with you and do not use alcohol or the like for shooting.

The introduction lesson is intended for people who are seriously interested in practicing shooting at clubs. For "just shooting", group activities, company outings or bachelor parties, you can go to a commercial shooting center.


The membership of SV Target is € 198 per year (2023) plus a one-off € 15 registration fee. For that you can come shoot on Monday and Friday evening.

The membership runs from January to December. If you become a member during the year, you only pay for the remaining months. Once you are a member, you only pay for the ammunition and the shooting cards you use.

All sports shooters are also required members of our sports association, the Royal Dutch Shooting Association (KNSA). The costs for this are € 42.50 per year and a one-off € 42.50 entrance fee. Registration with the KNSA always goes through the association.

A VOG (Certificate of Conduct Statement) is required for membership of a shooting club. You will receive an application form from us or it will be prepared online for you. We only accept a VOG that has been requested through us, other ways are unnecessarily expensive and less secure. You cannot become a member without a VOG.

The association is run by volunteers. Each member will be scheduled 1 to 2 times a year as Range Officer.


Safety comes first, certainly in the shooting sport! That is why you will first receive a few weeks of instruction, in which your progress will be recorded in a logbook. You learn the technique of shooting, but especially how to handle the weapons safely, without endangering yourself and your fellow shooters. Only when the instructors give their approval can shoot independently.


Waiting list for new members! The number of registrations has increased significantly lately. Because this is causing too long a wait for the mandatory instruction course, we have had to set up a waiting list for new members. Please contact us for more information.

Send us an email if you have any questions, want more information, or for an appointment for a tour?

The tour and introductory lesson are intended for people who are seriously interested in practicing shooting at our club. For one-time shooting, group activities, company outings or bachelor parties, you can go to a commercial shooting centre.

Email: visit@svtarget.nl

Opening hours:

Monday: 19:00-22:30 hours
Friday: 19:00-23:00 hours


Schietvereniging Target
Julianaplein 1 B
1097 DN Amsterdam

Our range is particularly well served by public transport. We are in fact under the track of the Amstel station. Trains, subways, trams and buses almost stop at the door. It is also not a problem by car: we are close to the A10 ring road (exit S112) and there is always a parking space available. It is paid parking until 9 p.m.

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